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Serving the common good

and rebuilding trust and solidarity

in a polarizing world.

Our programs

Academic Leadership Development Program

Our 8-day Academic Leadership Development Program,  is much more than just training based on a management toolkit.

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Rethinking Leadership. Oxford Seminar Series

The ‘Rethinking Leadership’ Seminar Series, seeks to explore leadership models in order to address the challenges arising from increasing polarization within and between contemporary societies.

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Oxford Academic Leadership Program

Advanced Leadership Development Program for the ALDP alumni. Through our partnership with the University of Oxford, the Program is enriched by the knowledge and perspective of this outstanding academic institution.

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Business Leadership Development Program

A professional development program dedicated to mastering leadership competences, as well as a framework for reflection on the integral dimension of leadership: the values, attitudes and personality of the leader.

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Serving the common good and rebuilding trust and solidarity in a polarizing world.

Values, mission, goals

Conducting educational, development and scientific programs aimed at seeking the common good and rebuilding trust and solidarity in a polarizing world

Conducting educational, developmental and scientific programs relating to integral human development, culture, science, education, leadership and politics

Conducting educational, developmental and scientific programs that combine two wings of cognition – reason and faith

Conducting educational, developmental and scientific research in the field of social sciences, humanities and economics, including philosophy, theology, political science, sociology, history, psychology, management and economics

Research and promotion of values ​​stemming from the heritage of ancient Greece, Rome, Judeo-Christian tradition and the heritage of Central and Eastern Europe, and research on their significance for modern man and societies

Promotion of Polish culture, science and history in Poland and abroad.


“I had really distanced myself from academia. I became alienated from it. At one point I didn’t even know why I was in it anymore. But if university is going to look like it does here, and the people in it are like you, then I want to be a part of it”

“University has a culture of repressing all human faculties other than reason. Making leaders aware of the importance of being fully present and self-aware was a breakthrough for all participants [of the ALDP]”

“The training responds to the real needs of university employees. It offers a development perspective and tools to improve one’s performance”

“[ALDP offers] fresh insights into being an academic leader and new methods to facilitate management”

“Important issues concerning the identity of university and its role. They are not always remembered, especially in the context of activities conditioned by successive reforms and changes. Raising awareness of the importance of university’s mission”

“It was very valuable to meet in a community of academics and to exchange perspectives and experiences. Great atmosphere of openness and honesty”

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Two Wings Institute promotes the values flowing from culture and conducts research into their relevance for the contemporary individuals and societies.The highest standards of values such as confidentiality, dialogue and intellectual diversity, as well as the ethos of academic work, are at the heart of our mission.

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