The Purpose of the Foundation

We explore and develop leadership for the common good. Our aim is to rebuild trust and solidarity in the increasingly polarised world.

The objectives of Two Wings Institute are:

  • to conduct educational, development and research programmes that seek the common good and act to rebuild trust and solidarity in the polarised world

  • conducting educational, developmental and scientific programmes on integral human development, culture, science, education, leadership and politics

  • conducting educational, developmental and scientific research in the social sciences, humanities and economics, including philosophy, theology, political science, sociology, history, psychology, management and economics

  • conducting educational, developmental and scientific programmes that combine the two wings of cognition – reason and faith

  • to study and promote the values arising from the heritage of ancient Greece, Rome, the Judeo-Christian tradition and the heritage of Central and Eastern Europe, and to conduct research on their significance for contemporary individuals and societies

  • promotion of Polish culture, science and history in Poland and abroad


Co-founder and board member of the Two Wings Institute

Czekierda is an alumnus of the University of Wrocław, IESE Business School, the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Leadership Academy for Poland (in cooperation with Harvard University). He co-founded Collegium Wratislaviense and has been serving as its President.

Czekierda sat on the Board of Curators of the Ossoliński National Institute and on the Participation Council of the Mayor of Wrocław. He supported technology start-ups in the KGHM Group and acted as a mentor in the international network MIT EF Poland. He was nominated in the 2015 edition of Gazeta Wrocławska Polska The Times Effective Manager Award.

The book entitles Tutoring. Theory, practice, case studies (Warsaw 2015), co-authored by Czekierda, is the first comprehensive publication on tutoring in Poland. Another important publication to which he contributed is the textbook Solidarity Step by Step (Warsaw 2015).

Co-founder and board member of the Two Wings Institute

Łuczewski is a sociologist (PhD) and psychologist (MA; personality development specialization). He lectures at the University of Warsaw and collaborates with a number of prestigious academic institutions and research centres around the world, including Columbia University (Fulbright Fellow) and the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna (Józef Tischner Fellow).

Łuczewski acted as Programme Director of the Centre for Thought of John Paul II and was a member of the National Development Council (2015 – 2020) and currently sits on the board of the Polska Wielki Projekt Foundation. He is a cultural manager and author of documentary films.

Łuczewski’s book entitled Odwieczny naród. Polak i katolik w Żmiącej (Toruń 2012) received the Stanisław Ossowski Prize for the best sociological book and the Fr. Józef Tischner Prize for the best Polish book in the humanities. His other key publications include Wartość krajobrazu (Warsaw 2011), Solidarity Step by Step (Warsaw 2015), Kapitał moralny. Polityki historyczne w późnej nowoczesności (Krakow 2017).