Piotr Czekierda - trener i współzałożyciel Two Wings Institute

Piotr Czekierda

Co-founder of Two Wings Institute

A graduate of the University of Wrocław, IESE Business School, the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Leadership Academy for Poland. Apart from being part of the Two Wings Institute Board he is a President of Collegium Wratislaviense which is a renowned institution offering tutoring and mentoring training. He was a board member of Curators of the Ossolinski National Institute and took part in the Participation Council of the Mayor of Wrocław. He supported technological startups in the KGHM Group and acted as a mentor in the international MIT EF Poland network. He was nominated by Gazeta Wrocławska Polska The Times for Effective Manager 2015. As a member of the Angelus Silesius House became a co-winner of the Pro Publico Bono Main Award for the Best Local Educational Initiative. Piotr combines theory and practice, after years of successful experience working with leaders and executives, Piotr is turning his hands to academia and research-based training. Piotr is a co-author of Tutoring. Theory, practice, case studies, 2015 (Wolters Kluwer), Solidarity step by step, 2015 (John Paul II Centre), Mentoring. Theory, practice, case studies, 2014 (Wolters Kluwer). Piotr is renowned for his vast knowledge of spiritual culture, literature, music, basketball and motorcycles.

Michał Łuczewski - współzałożyciel i trener Two Wings Institute

Michał Łuczewski

Co-founder of Two Wings Institute

Prof. Michał Łuczewski is a professor of sociology at the University of Warsaw, as well as a manager and psychologist. In the past decade, he combined his academic career with taking on leadership roles and growing engagement in the public life of Central Eastern Europe. As an academician, he was a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, a Jozef Tischner fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna and a lecturer at the joint MA-program of Centre for Social Studies in Warsaw and Lancaster University. Prof. Łuczewski served as the Programme Director of the Centre for the Thought of John Paul II and was a member of the Polish President’s National Development Council from 2015 to 2020. He currently sits on the Polish Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Council and serves on the board of the Polska Wielki Projekt Foundation. He is a prolific author, with books in Polish, German, Czech, and English. His first book Eternal nation. How Catholics became Poles? (“Odwieczny naród. Polak i katolik w Żmiącej”) was awarded Stefan Ossowski prize and Józef Tischner prize for the best Polish books in the humanities. His last book Moral Capital. The Politics of History in Late Modernity (“Kapitał moralny. Polityki historyczne w późnej nowoczesności”) addressed the question of emerging political and public religions in Poland, Germany and Russia.

Teresa Pelc - Two Wings Institute

Teresa Pelc

Managing Director of Two Wings Institute

Teresa Pelc has MA in Economics and BA in ELT (University of Łódź) and describes herself as a commercially minded passionate educator. Before joining the Two Wings Institute team she worked for over twenty years as an Editorial Director at Pearson Education and was responsible for global secondary ELT publishing. She successfully published several ELT world bestsellers. Teresa is responsible for the logistic and financial operations of Two Wings Institute. She is also actively contributing to the TWI growth strategy development.

Paweł Puczkarski

International Programs Coordinator Two Wings Institute

Paweł is an Oxford physicist specializing in the field of nanotechnology and especially nanoelectronics. Paweł is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Chemistry, where he works on sensing and manipulation of single particles, such as proteins. Prior to his current position he got his PhD from the Department of Materials at Oxford University, where he worked on topics of molecular electronics, single molecule transistors and graphene electronics. For his PhD work he was awarded with EPSRC Doctoral Prize and Oriel College Graduate scholarship. Besides his research Paweł is a keen science communicator, and he is also interested in matters of science policy. Paweł coordinates the international programs of Two Wings Institute, in particular managing the cooperation with Oxford University.

Filip Lapinski - Two Wings Institute

Filip Łapiński

Graduate of psychology and sociology at the University of Warsaw. His dissertations revolved around the differences of moral thinking between supporters of different political doctrines as well as perspectives on creating a traditionalist critical theory. He worked as a managing editor of scientific journals, robotics educator, conference organizer and participant and member of sociological research groups. Currently he coordinates a nationwide research and application project “What Animates a University? The Model of Academic Leadership in the XXI Century”.