Academic Leadership
Development Program

Our 8-day Academic Leadership Development Program, is delivered and certified in partnership with Oxford University colleges

Rethinking Leadership. Oxford Seminar Series

The ‘Rethinking Leadership’ Seminar Series seeks to explore leadership models in order to address the challenges arising from increasing polarization within and between contemporary societies.

Business Leadership Development Program

Our original 8-day Business Leadership Development Program, based on the Integral Leadership Model, is much more than just training based on a management toolkit.

The Oxford International Leadership Congress

The purpose of the Congress is to create a space for creative interchange between the most innovative leadership theorists, practitioners, and scholars-practitioners.

Polarity Management

Two Wings Institute offers a two-day introductory training in polarity management using Barry Johnson’s Polarity Thinking™ method.

Public Leadership Development Program

The professional development program dedicated to mastering leadership competences, as well as a framework for reflection on the integral dimension of leadership: the values, attitudes and personality of the leader.

Great Books Academy

The Two Wings Institute is preparing to launch a development program for teachers and high school students. The program will focus on the analysis of key cultural works.

TWI Summer School

Two Wings Institute is organising summer schools for students.