Two Wings Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership

The Two Wings Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership is a newly established venue for interdisciplinary research on leadership at the Department of Sociology, University of Warsaw.

One of our key aims is to refresh the mission of the university by creating a space of dialogue, modelling an open and intellectually diverse academy.

We want the advanced, in-depth research conducted at the Institute to be relevant to all sides of the socio-political conflict.

The Institute is a place that acts in the service of:

  • understanding – by inviting people to speak out what is sometimes silenced
  • deepening life and reflection – by opening up to non-material realities
  • practice – by carrying out implementation doctorates on topics related to leadership in science, politics and business

Our questions:

  • What animates academia? What animates business and public sphere?
  • What leadership model can contribute to reviving academia?
  • What can be done to create a broad, diverse university community?
  • What helps university to preserve its mission and identity when it is in danger of turning into a ‘publications factory’?
  • How do we draw on the best of the liberal, conservative and left-wing thought?
  • How can academic leaders combine effective leadership with the practice of inner life?
  • How can we unite faith and reason?