We live in an increasingly complex, chaotic and polarized world; the world in which both individuals and societies experience a sense of uprooting and transience.

The search for economic and political solutions is necessary, but nothing can replace a return to the sources, and these can only be found in culture. It is culture that connects us with what is certain and what no one can take away from us: at any time we can return to Athens and its reason, Rome and its law, Jerusalem and its love and Gdansk and its solidarity.

Two Wings Institute promotes the values flowing from culture and conducts research into their relevance for the contemporary individuals and societies.

Trust and standards

The highest standards of values such as confidentiality, dialogue and intellectual diversity, as well as the ethos of academic work, are at the heart of our mission.

The strength of TWI

The strength of the Two Wings Institute rests upon:

  • its founders and leaders, and their considerable leadership experience acquired in some the most inspiring and challenging academic and business environments
  • the combination of sound research and decades of practice
  • research and learning being considered in the context of culture and spirituality