Polarity Management

Leaders constantly face polarities (chronic tensions, dilemmas and paradoxes) connected with different aspects of leadership and the groups, teams and communities they lead. Polarities manifest themselves for example as tensions between action and inner life; between values and leader’s efficiency; between values and interests; between team’s solidarity and its efficiency.

When inadequately addressed or unaddressed, tensions can lead to conflict and radicalisation, and ultimately to burnout. This is why it is crucial for leaders to be able to manage them and transform them into sources of creative energy for the whole organisation.

Two Wings Institute offers a two-day introductory training in polarity management using Barry Johnson’s Polarity Thinking™ method.

During the training Participants will learn:

  • what polarities are and how they work
  • the value of “Either/Or” Problem Solving & “Both/And” Polarity Leveraging
  • why using “Either/Or” Thinking to address Polarities doesn’t work
  • to use resistance as a valuable resource for significant, sustainable change
  • to effectively leverage polarities over time to raise their performance ceiling & sustain a competitive advantage over time