The ‘Rethinking Leadership’ Seminar Series, organized by the Two Wings Institute at Harris Manchester College, Oxford seeks to explore leadership models in order to address the challenges arising from increasing polarization within and between contemporary societies.

Each of the monthly meetings consists of three papers delivered by prominent leaders and leadership researchers.

In the three autumn 2022 seminars we will deepen our understanding of leadership by examining connection between therapy and conflict resolution; by looking into the importance of cultural memory upon which our social identities are built; and finally, how academic research can make a greater contribution to building common good in diplomacy and politics.

We invite you to the next international seminar in the “Rethinking Leadership” series.

“The Burden of Memory: How can we build solidarity when our memories clash?”

  • 27.10.2022
  • 10.30 am – 12.30 pm local time

  • Harris Manchester College, Oxford
  • Speakers: Professor Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski, Robert Kostro, Professor Kate McLoughlin

For online attendance please register via the Two Wings Institute’s profile on EventBrite or at